Hello everyone! This is Kurokawa.
Thank you for your prayers and support.

It’s been about a month since my last blog. As of today, Kii’s Japanese spouse visa has not been issued and there is no expectation of when it will be issued. If it is not issued by the end of June, even if it is issued after that, we will be out of the grace period by the time we return to Japan.

 Normally it would take 5 days to get one, but it has not been issued for over a month. There are people in Tokyo and Fukushima who are waiting for us. I had been invited to a wedding in June but it looks like it will be difficult if this continues.

However, we are in peace. We have done what we needed to do, and the rest is in the Lord’s hands. We are walking with gratitude for every day that we are alive. Please pray that the Lord’s will be done for our family, not whether we can return to Japan or not. We will live according to it.

Last Friday, I received my second dose of Moderna, the corona vaccine.

The first time, neither of us had any side effects, but the second time, I had fatigue and fever for 36 hours.

We recommend that you be prepared to take a day off the day after the second dose of Moderna to be vaccinated.

Please enjoy the following photos.

I think it parked too close to the edge, No, it hit a bump.
I knew it would be dangerous, but it turned out as expected.
A friend gave us a date. It was our first date since we came to America.